Chrysler is spending big on its plan to introduce a new dual clutch gearbox into its vehicles by 2009. The technology offers smoother and quicker gear changes, improved fuel economy and of course, ease of use, so it comes as no surprise that the company is planning to introduce the dual clutch transmissions into some of its vehicles. A new plant will be built that will specialize in building the gearboxes for the Chrysler ‘s range of midsize and front wheel drive cars including the Avenger, Sebring and minivan range.

The first vehicles to feature the new box will be powered by Chrysler's next generation Phoenix V6 engine, and is said to be costing the company upwards of $560 million in development costs for the new Kokomo, Indiana plant. Chrysler isn’t going it alone in developing the new transmission. The company has entered a partnership with gearbox maker Getrag, and expects to deliver close to 700,000 units per year. The technology has proven so popular for VW that the company has announced planes to replace all its automatic vehicles with DSGs over the next five years.