They’ve done it again. This time spy photographers have caught out Volvo’s upcoming XC70 crossover. This image sourced from the Swedish magazine, Auto Motor & Sport, was taken outside the Volvo factory in Sweden. Although we don’t expect to see the car officially until the second half of next year, these spy images reveals the car’s exterior in almost full detail.

Major changes over the previous car include the large rear brake lights that dominate the tail-end, and a much smoother look overall. The bumpers and side-cladding have also grown and covers much more of the car, while the front end styling is sharper with larger headlamps and a longer bonnet. Otherwise the car shares much in common with the S80 on which it’s based.

Engine options will also be shared with the S80, which means there will be a range-topping model equipped with the 315hp V8 combined with AWD. Another option is an E85 powered 2L four-cylinder that will develop roughly 200hp and go head-to-head with Saab’s upcoming BioPower range of cars. Expect some diesel variants plus a possible 370hp performance R-version powered by a 4.4L V8. Follow the jump for more information plus full sized images.

[Source: Auto Motor & Sport]