Europe’s Antonov, a specialist in automotive technology, has developed a two-speed gearbox that it’ll showcase at next week’s SEMA show in a Hummer H3 and Ford Mustang GT. Providing a massive boost to power and torque during mid-range rpm levels, the system will be tested and independently verified at SEMA’s proving grounds by both road test editors and automotive journalists as well as SCCA national road racing licence holder Gautam Pathak.

Claimed results for the Mustang alone sees standing quarter mile trap speeds up from 101mph to 112mph. The two-speed drive is combined with a Rotrex supercharger beneath the intake manifold in the Mustang, and is aided by cold air intake and five liquid-to-air intercoolers. The version used in the Hummer has been installed to share the power steering bracket of the I5 engine.

Creators of the Antonov system claim that “The performance boost in the Mustang at low engine revs is significant, and that it feels like another gearbox, only not where you’d expect it.” Follow the jump to read an in-depth report.

[Source: gizmag]