The allure of Formula One is simply too hard to resist for most successful car manufacturers. Latest rumours suggest that Nissan might be joining the ranks, and according to an article in French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, the Japanese auto maker might do a deal with former team owner Alain Prost and be trackside as early as 2008.

Four time world champion Prost, whose own team was liquidated back in 2001, has reportedly been in talks with Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn about a possible joint venture. However, the only word coming out of Nissan is that F1 is “an option,” and an investment in a worldwide competition could prove more fruitful than the regional championships that company is currently involved with.

Key staff from Nissan have attended several major F1 events this season that, according to a company representative, were there to "observe, learn and understand the discipline's finer details". This follows from previous reports that suggested that the successful Renault team might simply change its name to Nissan, and also news that Korea’s Hyundai might also be joining F1 in the near future. Nissan would be a very worthwhile addition to the F1 scene - the company has had a long string of successful performance cars over the years, and a Nissan F1 team would go nicely with the launch of the all new GTR, Nissan’s most formidable sports car.