Like Ford, General Motors is starting to realize the benefits of using a truly global platform in high volumes. AutoWeek is reporting that both a GM source and one of its supplier’s has mentioned that the General is developing a new platform for small cars that it will share across its global markets with an estimated annual volume of 1.4 million cars.

Following GM’s method of using the Greek alphabet for naming of its platforms, the small Gamma architecture will provide the running gear for the next generation Opel Corsa and Chevrolet Aveo due in 2009. Production plans are not finalized but early reports suggest that GM is looking at producing Gamma variants in Korea, China, Thailand, India, Germany, Mexico and Venezuela as well as in Eastern Europe.

Korea will see cars wearing Daewoo badges, Chevrolet will be used in the US and China, while Opel will be restricted to Europe. However, even more models from different labels are possible. Gamma based vehicles are expected to build through until 2015 and will account for about 15% of GM’s global output. Engines will range from 1.2 to 1.8L with both gasoline and diesel variants and an even smaller short-wheelbase version is also expected.