The recently launched Opel Astra will make its way stateside as the Saturn Astra, GM has confirmed. In a move that surprised no-one, GM said the hatchback would officially unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show in February. The Saturn Astra will be nearly identical to the 2007.5 Opel Astra, unveiled this week at the Bologna Motor Show in Italy. It will be sold in the United States and Canada in three-door and five-door configurations.

The Astra will be the latest in a range of cars coming over from Opel to be branded as Saturns. Early examples of this collaboration include the Saturn Sky and upcoming Opel GT, as well as the Opel Antara and 2008 Saturn Vue. GM hasn’t announced the range of engines that will be available for the US, but it’s expected that they will be petrol only (diesel engines are available in Europe). The highest spec Astra, the VXR, will likely be sold in the US as the Saturn Astra Red Line and will be fitted with a 2.0L turbo four developing 237hp. A second 1.6L turbo engine that produces 180hp may also be sold.


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