Chrysler is considering getting its new Chinese partner, Chery Automobile, to build a new Chrysler designed vehicle instead of manufacturing a car based on a Chery design. Back in December, Chrysler and Chery formed a joint-venture to assemble a new small car in China for worldwide export. Originally, Chrysler was considering building a Chery model, but now Automotive News reports it might instead create a production version of its Dodge Hornet concept instead.

The main reason for the change stems from concerns about the quality of Chery’s products. One of Chery’s strengths is its low-cost production, but the use of cheap components is often at the expense of quality. The new plan is likely to see Chery being responsible for the purchasing of car parts, while Chrysler will oversee the selection of the suppliers.

A spokesman for Chery, Wang Wei couldn’t confirm whether or not the Hornet was being considered, stating "we will definitely cooperate with DaimlerChrysler, but the specifics of the agreement are still under discussion."