Honda’s flood of new concept models continues with its latest Small Hybrid Sports Concept unveiled today at the Geneva Motor Show. The concept represents Honda’s interpretation of how a future sports hybrid model might appear, and was designed at the Honda R&D Europe center based in Offenbach, Germany.

The concept features a front-wheel drive layout and is powered by a small gasoline four-cylinder engine mated with an electric motor and CVT transmission. The exterior’s curvaceous and contoured surfaces aid the vehicle’s aerodynamics, while the short front and rear overhangs and large wheel arches give it an aggressive look.

The Hybrid Sports Concept is equipped with 165mm tires mounted on distasteful 20in chrome wheels. Their dimension supports low rolling resistance without compromising sporty driving. Modern touches include the rear-facing digital cameras that take the place of conventional door mirrors. It was rumored that this concept could be a precursor to the replacement for the aging Insight hybrid, but judging by these images it’s evident that the car is nowhere near production.