Saturn will offer two different hybrid options for the 2008 Vue crossover, with both vehicles getting the Green Line badge. General Motors made the announcement last week that the new Vue would be its first FWD vehicle to feature its Two Mode hybrid transmission and that customers can expect a 45% saving in fuel economy over the non-hybrid versions.

The 2008 Vue fitted with a regular gasoline engine will go on sale next month alongside a mild hybrid version that saves roughly 20% in fuel over the non-hybrid model, according to Automotive News. The mild hybrid model cannot run on electric power alone and instead uses a booster motor that kicks in during high-load situations.

The Two Mode version will be GM’s only FWD vehicle with the full hybrid system but the technology is expected to filter down across more of its models including some cars. Like the system used in the Toyota Prius, GM’s Two Mode Vue can run on electric power alone or combined with the gasoline engine. Mileage rates are expected to be close to 29mpg in the city and about 40 on the highway, however, the technology doesn’t come cheap. Prices haven’t been announced but full hybrids usually cost around $3,000 to $4,000 more than non-hybrids.