Back in 2004, MG-Rover released a coupe concept based on the Rover 75 sedan but the prototype quickly disappeared when MG-Rover was split up and sold off. Fast forward to today, and UK’s Car Magazine is reporting that China’s Nanjing Auto, the new owners to the rights of MG, is evaluating whether or not the car should be put into production.

The one-off coupe was spotted recently at the refurbished Longbridge plant, minus the former Rover badges, which were replaced with new MG labels. Nanjing execs weren’t willing to confirm any production plans, but its CEO Yu Jian Wei has previously stated that a new coupe, plus several other sports models, could be sold alongside the TF.

According to the source, the first model to join the TF will most likely be a production version of the TF GT concept that was displayed alongside the MG7 back in ’04. However, not all is lost. Much of the tooling required to build the Rover 75 saloon remains at the Longbridge plant, although significant investment would still be required to manufacture the coupe-only parts for the MG7.