The convertible version of Audi’s potent RS4 sedan is destined to hit showrooms in the US, with the first cars arriving early next year. Only 300 examples of the drop-top RS4 are expected to make it across the Atlantic, which means the Canadians will have to miss out.

After launching its sedan stable-mate in the US late last year, Audi then considered introducing the RS4 Avant but ruled this out due to the expense of modifying it to meet America’s design regulations. There was an issue with the car’s battery being located in its rear, which would have required extensive reinforcements because of its rear-opening tailgate.

Considering that the US is the largest market for both Audi and convertibles, it didn’t take long for Audi’s management team to come up with the idea of launching the RS4 Cabriolet Stateside.

The new drop-top will feature the same 420hp 4.2L V8 engine as the sedan, and rides on suspension that’s 30mm lower than the standard model. The car features an automatic folding soft-top, which its makers claim offers the same noise levels as the hardtop and can fold into place in just 21 seconds.