Mercedes-Benz and its performance divisions AMG and HWA are planning to release several new models in coming years with the first car likely to be a high-performance coupe slotted between the SLR and the SL55 AMG.

Despite its racing background, HWA has produced several production vehicles for Mercedes, albeit in very limited numbers.

Its previous works include the CLK GTR, a 612-horsepower supercar that sold for 1.5 million euros back in 1999, and the more practical CLK DTM.

According to HWA executive Hans Jürgen Mattheis, there is still significant room for growth in this segment. The medium term goal for HWA is to build a new road-going sports car with performance similar to the DTM race car, reports AutomobilWoche.

With the development of the new sports model, HWA will be responsible for the design and construction of the car and will also be bearing the economic risk of the project. HWA will then work on a second car, which will be derived from a current AMG model with €4.5 million already invested in the project.