Gordon Murray, the man behind one of the greatest cars of all, the McLaren F1 supercar, is now heading his own skunk works project, the self titled Gordon Murray Design Limited. He has gathered some of the best in the automotive and engineering design fields and has a close relationship with the Caparo group, the company behind the world’s fastest accelerating production car, the Caparo T1, and we're hoping we'll see some of their influence in Murray's future work.

Murray's first project, codenamed T25, will be an innovative design for a lightweight and efficient city runabout aimed at easing congestion and reducing the amount of harmful emissions produced by cars. Its designers hope it will weigh around 400kg less than current small cars, and be powered by an ultra efficient petrol engine.

The car’s design, prototyping and development will be handled completely in-house, a rarity in the auto industry, and will incorporate cost saving and efficiency measures such as a lower parts count, faster assembly and low weight. There’s no word on when the car will be launched but the first markets to receive it will be the UK, Japan and most of Europe.