Wanting to own a rear-engined gullwing DeLorean since his teenage years, 40-year old Danny Botkin finally got to live his dream when he eventually found a restored DeLorean modeled after the car made famous in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies.

He has since moved to become the manager of a repair and refurbishing shop affiliated with DeLorean Motor Co., a company based in Texas that rebuilds old DeLoreans, and is now planning to bring back production of the iconic car in a limited run. The last DeLorean was manufactured in 1982 in Northern Ireland, but only 9,000 of the original cars were every produced and only 6,500 are said to be still in circulation , reports the LA Times.

It currently costs roughly $25,000 to buy and restore a used DeLorean, or $42,500 to have one rebuilt from the frame up, but that hasn't stopped a long list of customers queuing at Botkin's store. Unfortunately, there are only about 200 of the original 2.8L V6 engines still in stock and with supply of the original 9,000 cars getting lower each year the new DeLorean Motor Co. is now considering producing the cars themselves.

Via: Autoblog