Audi’s R8 already delivers stunning performance in standard guise, coming close to rivaling the cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini, but with a little help from Germany’s Kicherer there would be no stopping it. Kicherer engineers have taken the R8 to a wind tunnel and developed new body components to improve aerodynamic as well as adding a more aggressive touch.

The new front spoiler reduces lift on the front axle by 15%, while the rear wing spoiler forces the rear down. Attention was then turned to replacing the standard wheels with a lighter set. The final choice was a set of forged three-part rims measuring 20in in diameter and wearing chunky 325mm Michelin tires at the back and smaller 235mm rubber up front.

To improve handling, engineers fitted a set of H&R springs that lower the car by up to 30mm in the back and 15mm at the front axle, giving it a tougher stance and a lot more presence. Not that the R8 was lacking any.

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