Germany’s Loremo will unveil a fully working prototype of its super-efficient LS Concept car at next month’s Frankfurt Auto Show, a car that was co-developed to be entered into the upcoming Automotive X-Prize competition. The new prototype, dubbed ‘L1’, will also be used to conduct driving dynamics tests and to validate previous computer only simulations.

According to Loremo's Chief Gerhard Heilmaier, who spoke with Auto-News, the L1 can travel up to 400km on its eight liter tank of diesel. This equates to an amazing fuel consumption figure of roughly 117mpg (2L/100km). To win the Automotive X-Prize, developers must prove that the car can reliably achieve a 100mpg (2.35L/100km) fuel consumption target and can be produced in commercial numbers.

Loremo previously showcased concept versions of the car at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. The concepts were powered by either two or three-cylinder diesel engines and could seat up to four passengers, but none of these were actually drivable.