Peugeot will unveil a concept version of a new diesel-hybrid powered 308 hatchback at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Until now, most carmakers have relied on petrol engines for their hybrid cars but it makes sense to use a diesel as the oil-burners are already more efficient than equivalent petrol motors.

Peugeot’s new concept combines a 1.6L 110hp (82kW) diesel engine with a 20hp (15kW) electric motor, and gets by with a fuel economy figure of 69mpg (3.4L/100km). Peak torque from the internal combustion engine stands at 260Nm (192lb-ft), while the electric motor churns out an instantaneous 130Nm (96lb-ft) of torque.

Labeled the 308 Hybride HDi, the new concept is a preview of a production model that’s tipped to be the first diesel-electric hybrid on the market when it bows in at the end of the decade. Alongside the new hybrid concept will be the carmaker’s 308 SW Prologue wagon concept as well as the TT-esque 308 RC Z coupe concept.