Jaguar design boss Ian Callum confirmed today that future Jaguars won't sport the wording of the actual Jaguar name on its cars. Instead, the cars will simply feature the carmaker’s iconic ‘leaper’ cat. The latest XF Jag still keeps the Jaguar label but also gains a flattened version of the leaper logo.

“Eventually we will take the name off and just leave the leaper,” said Callum. "When people see the XF they won't know what it is, so they will look for a name badge. That's why we've left it on at the moment, but put the leaper there as well.” The name will probably disappear from production cars within two or three years, reports The Car Connection.

We feel that if Jaguar doesn't deploy a significantly large advertising campaign to let consumers know the changing face of the brand, the plan could backfire and it could actually lose some brand recognition. Jaguar’s financial performance is still lagging but there has been an improvement. The Financial Times reports that core operations in the UK have halved pre-tax losses at Jaguar last year to £258 million compared with a £535 million loss in 2005.