McLaren and Prodrive are in agreement about 2008 and are merely awaiting confirmation about the 2008 regulations, Ron Dennis said in Japan. The two teams have long discussed a possible collaboration about sharing a chassis-engine package for Prodrive's formula one debut next year. The only uncertainty is the pending definition of so-called 'non constructors'.

Trackside team boss meetings this year have now resulted in an unanimous definition of a full 'constructor', but the distribution of income for the other teams - to presumably also include Toro Rosso and Super Aguri in 2008 - is still to be clarified.

"If there is a possibility for 2008, then there is a detailed commercial agreement between the companies involved, and it's there to be go or no-go," Dennis is quoted as telling Racer magazine.

It is believed the delay is linked with Spyker's arbitration proceedings against STR and Super Aguri, which relates not only to the distribution of income this year but also will have implications for the future.

Alex Wurz, who is on the driver market for 2008, said recently that he saw the end of September as a sort of final "deadline" for Prodrive to send a strong signal about its readiness for 2008.

Dennis in Japan admitted that the project is "squeezed on time".

"They have a little more time when they can seek clarity, and when that's done we will move to the possible execution of this agreement, subject to final approval of our company's respective shareholders," he revealed. (GMM)