Toyota’s 1/X concept, (pronounced one/Xth) is a hybrid concept that doubles the fuel efficiency figures of the Prius hybrid in a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive four-door body. While the interior space remains similar to that of a Prius, the concept ways a mere 420kg, or around one third the weight of the Prius. The weight savings come from building the car out of carbon-fibre reinforced plastic, which also ensures rigidity and strength is maintained.

The green powertrain consists of a flex-fuel 500cc engine and a plug-in hybrid system which allows charging from an external power source.

The current state of the world carbon-fibre market almost rules out any production possibility of this car, but as a statement of Toyota’s philosophy the car seems promising as a proponent of lightweight and environmentally conscious vehicles, which will no doubt be making a larger impact in the auto industry.