Unveiled at the recent Frankfurt motor show, Saab's newest 9-3 variant is being produced as a sort of 30th-anniversary celebration. Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated models to issue from the snowy north in recent years, the Saab Turbo X Limited edition is slated for a production run of just 2,000 cars. Of those 2,000, only 175 will stay in Sweden, upsetting many native fans of the carmaker.

The U.S. has 600 of the cars ear-marked for import, which is the largest single allocation, reports Auto Motor & Sport. Britain will see 500 of the cars, certainly the best per capita ratio of import. The remainder of Europe and the world will share the other 725 cars to be produced.

It seems that no matter what market you're in, the 280hp AWD turbo V6 will be nearly impossible to come by. If you have your heart set on one, however, you can wait to start lurking in Saab showrooms until after New Year's Day, as the new model isn't expected until early next year.