When BMW shows a concept car based on a current production model, there’s a good chance it will eventually end up in production with minimal changes. More recent examples include this year’s M3 and X6 concept vehicles, cars based on the existing 3-series coupe and X5 SUV respectively that have either already entered production or will be within the next six months.

An inside source has now revealed to Automotive News that BMW will be showcasing a brand new concept vehicle at next week’s Tokyo Motor Show based on 1-series architecture. The only official word from BMW is that it won’t be the rumored X1 mini-SUV that’s set to go on sale by the end of the decade.

BMW won’t be the only German carmaker with a new concept car at Tokyo. Audi will be showing its new A1 minicar (//www.motorauthority.com/blog/1026165_audi-a1-still-on-the-drawing-board as well as a new hybrid drivetrain and VW will be showcasing five-door minivan version of the up! concept car, which you can see a preview of by clicking here.