The new space up! blue concept isn’t the only Volkswagen packing a new fuel-cell powertrain. Engineers have also installed VW’s high temperature fuel cell system in the Tiguan SUV as their entrant for this year’s Challenge Bidendum in Shanghai this week. The annual event is aimed at promoting the development of sustainable mobility and this year’s show has a distinct hydrogen flavor.

The Tiguan research vehicle features a fuel-cell power source running a 135hp (100kW) electric motor, which sees the zero emissions SUV accelerate to 100km/h from rest in a considerable 14 seconds and reach of top speed of just 150km/h. Additional energy is served by a brake energy recovery system that’s used to top up the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery array.

Other entrants included BMW’s Hydrogen7 saloon, a concept version of the Logan with Renault’s new eco² efficiency modifications, and Volvo’s ReCharge plug-in hybrid concept. The winner of this year’s Challenge is expected to be announced on the 17th of this month.