The Nardo test track is a perfectly round, heavily banked ring that allows extremely high-speed testing with a minimum of fuss. Located in the eponymous town of Nardo, Italy, the ring plays yearly host to a tuner showdown that serves to sort out the best from the rest. This year the MTM Audi Bimoto came out on top, achieving a speed of 390.6km/h (242.7mph).

With 1000hp on tap, the speed is right in line with the similarly powerful Bugatti Veyron - but the MTM Audi Bimoto is based on the Audi TT, which costs roughly $1.5 million less than the Veyron. Of course, the MTM-tuned TT is anything but stock, equipped with not one, but two four-cylinder turbo engines (hence the Bimoto appellation). Each engine has its own transmission, effectively making the Audi a dual two-wheel drive car, for an end result of all-wheel drive. The second motor is mounted behind the front seats, and the passenger compartment is divided by a carbon fiber barrier. The rear windows give a great view into the interior of the rear motor compartment.

Also on hand for the high-speed runoff were Porsches, Mercedes-Benzs, BMWs and even a Volkswagen, all tuned by various specialty shops. The second fastest of the bunch was the Sportec SPR1 Porsche 997 with a speed of 378.4 km/h (235.1mph) and the Techart GT Street Porsche 997 rounded out the top three at 358.2km/h (222.6mph). The top ten through the speed traps are listed below.

1. Audi MTM Bimoto: 390.6 km/h

2. 997 Sportec SPR1: 378.4 km/h

3. 997 Techart GT Street: 358.2 km/h

4. Murcielago LP640 Edo Competition: 345.7 km/h

5. 997 Techart turbo convertible: 344.2 km/h

6. 9ff CT-78336.3 km/h

7. Brabus Maybach 57: 330.6 km/h

8. Mercedes E63sme: 330.5 km/h

9. Golf R36 HGP 327.6 km/h

10. Mercedes SL Lorinser Biturbo: 325 km/h