No car company is immune from the pressures to reduce emissions, including niche brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Earlier this week Ferrari exec Amedeo Felisa said his company was aiming to have future models consume up to 40% less fuel than the current lineup by 2012, and now Lamborghini has revealed some of its plans to help the environment.


At the Reuters Autos Summit on Tuesday, CEO Stephan Winkelmann said Lamborghini is prepared to improve its emissions levels but it won’t come at the cost of performance or the menacing sound you’d expect from a Lambo tailpipe.

The design of the car, the sound, top speed and acceleration are all integral to Lamborghini’s image, explained Winkelmann, “it is all about emotion.”

One area engineers are looking at is improving the power to weight ratio of the cars. Winkelmann revealed Lamborghini could try using lighter materials for the body and chassis of its cars (hopefully this means more carbon-fiber). “We have to look at what is suitable and what is best for a super car brand like Lamborghini,” he said.