As Jaguar faces its impending sale to India's Tata Motors, things at the Coventry-based maker are continuing as usual - or even at a slightly quicker pace. Featuring updates to a model lineup that had stagnated under Ford's tenure, the new direction taken by the leaping cat looks to head straight into the future.

Perhaps the most interesting model expected from Jaguar in the next few years is the F-Type (concept pictured) - a $50,000 two-seat sports car based on the XF sedan and considered the spiritual successor to the legendary E-Type. Production feasibility work has already been done on the car, and suposedly production is within the realm of serious possibility - although neither of the new cars has anything like a certain future. However, given the sale of Jaguar alongside Land Rover and Tata Motor's ability to infuse capital - and likely desire to put their mark on the newly-acquired companies - production of these cars could be just what is needed.

The second car being considered for production is a supersedan based on the XK, envisioned as a competitor for Aston Martin's Rapide, the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Porsche's upcoming Panamera. While sales of such an upscale sports sedan might not drive volume, it could certainly be the sort of product that draws buyers into the brand. Conflict with the existing XJ flagship sedan is not likely because the new XJ, coming in 2009, will be larger and all-new, moving it into another class, according to AutoWeek.

Rumors of an AMG-esque XKR-R featuring 500hp and priced above $100,000 are also making the rounds. Likewise, the XF Coupe and Convertible are being considered, but the topless version wouldn't be as easy to bring to fruition, as extra chassis stiffening - meaning added weight, and worsened performance - would be necessary.


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