Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg is prepping two special edition models for the upcoming Geneva Motor Show based on its CCX petrol and CCXR flex-fuel models. The new cars will go under the heading ‘Edition’ and will be limited to just 14 versions of the CCX and 6 units of the CCXR and are distinguished by their track-honed suspension, custom aero pieces and unpainted carbon-fiber bodies.

The CCXR maintains its 1018hp engine output but the CCX Edition gets a more powerful version of its twin-supercharged 4.8L V8 engine, now developing 888hp as opposed to the former 806hp. Both cars can accelerate from 0-60mph in just 2.9 seconds and reach speeds in excess of 240mph.

Some unique features include a stiffer suspension set-up, anti-roll bars, reset dampers and an even lower chassis. Minor body changes include an unpainted carbon-fiber body, an adjustable rear wing and a larger front splitter plus unique forged alloys.

Inside, the cars get new leather trim including matching hide for the floor mats, ‘Edition’ side sills and a chronograph instrument cluster. Standard features include a rear-view camera, satnav and Bluetooth, and a light weight Inconell exhaust system.

Pricing for the CCX Edition starts at €1,330,000 ($1,980,000), while the more powerful CCXR model comes in at €1,500,000 ($2,334,000).