Anyone who’s ever washed or waxed their car only to find bird droppings on it moments later will be pleased to know that exterior coating specialists Nanovere has unveiled a new paint technology that can not only clean itself but is also scratch resistant.

The new paint is a clear surface coat called Zyvere 2K Nanocoating and it relies on embedded nanotechnology to perform its scratch-resisting and self-cleaning ability. According to its maker, the new paint is 53% less prone to scratches than conventional paints and remains 60% cleaner as well. The material also has a gloss retention attribute that’s claimed to remain as good as new for up to five years. The nanotechnology paint will repel oil, dirt, stains, water and ice to ensure the car is as clean as possible. It can also be applied to alloy wheels, a blessing for all of us with brake-dust covered multispoke rims.

Though we haven't been able to test it yet, an "independent" test of Zyvere 2K Nanocoating by Eastern Michigan University has found that the Nanovere product is superior to popular rival products from CeramiClear and DuPont in weather resistance and ease of cleaning. The coating has also proven successful in protecting aircraft and marine vehicles, where surface damage and corrosion can cost millions of dollars to repair.