The impending launch of Infiniti into the European market, due for Q3 of this year, will bring several new cars to the fight for luxury buyers. One of the key ingredients for success in Europe is a healthy line of efficient diesels - something Infiniti's line currently lacks. However, the company has announced that by the time the roll-out of its European operations is complete in 2010, an advanced diesel will be on offer across Europe.

Infiniti's initial lineup for Western Europe will consist of just four cars - the G37 sedan and coupe, the EX37 crossover and the recently revealed FX50 premium softroader. The new diesel motor will initially be available in the FX and EX four-wheel drives, according to Automotive News Europe. Engineers are shooting for a goal of 250hp from the new diesel. That number is seen as the entry to competition with the Germans, which dominate the luxury diesel 4WD market.

Before the new motor ends up inside an Infiniti, however, it will face a year of production use in several Renault-Nissan alliance-produced vehicles. Starting in 2009 models from the joint venture will put the diesel through its paces, so any kinks in the design or production process should be well worked out by the time it reaches the Infiniti SUVs.