In the latest round of the battle between London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Porsche over the UK capital’s new congestion charge, a survey has found that most of the city’s residents are in favor of the scheme. According to the results, 61% of Londoners support the updated scheme, which charges owners of high-emissions vehicles £25 ($51) for driving through certain parts of the city.

The survey, which polled 1,041 residents from the age of 16 onwards, also revealed that close to 70% think the charges are good for the city. The plans, due to come into force on October 27, will enable the government to charge £25 for all cars that emit over 225g/km of carbon dioxide, while cars that give off less than 120g/km will be exempt.

Key backer of the scheme, Ken Livingstone, was quick to boast about the new results. He was accused recently by Porsche of making false claims about the levels of support for the scheme when he couldn’t reveal details of a previous survey he referenced back in December.

Despite the results of the latest survey, Porsche will continue with its campaign against the scheme because it fears it will hurt sales of its Cayenne SUV. The carmaker is now seeking a judicial review of the congestion charge and has argued that it is disproportionate because it would make a “negligible” impact on carbon dioxide emissions.