German-tuner Hengst, led by BMW-specialist Peter Grassl, has released a new tuning kit for the Ford Mustang GT that draws obvious inspiration from the customizing scene where the car originally came from. German firms are recognized mostly for improving performance, be it aerodynamic upgrades or more power, however Grassl’s new design is characterized by its oversized wheels, retro interior and myriad of electronic gadgets.

While the factory Mustang GT gets over 330hp from its 4.6L engine, Grassl decided this wasn't enough and increased output by 35hp, bringing a total of 365hp. While the five-speed manual transmission remains stock, the chassis was altered to provide a stiffer and sportier ride.

The German tuner, noted mostly for modifying BMWs, also put some non-mechanical mods on his Mustang. The list includes polished 20in wheels and a subtle bodykit. In a salute to clean lines and impeccable form, Grassl removed the unsightly telescopic antenna from the left front fender and attacked the interior with red leather to give the car a retro look.

Inside, there’s also a Rainbow Platinum stereo system with a Kenwood DNX 7200 head unit and a 12in subwoofer. The final touch is a pair of LCD panels located inside each door, however actually watching these while inside the car is near impossible.