Hotly anticipated since the first Iroc concept broke cover back in 2006, Volkswagen's newest take on the Scirocco made its production-form debut at this year's Geneva motor show. Now VW has released a pair of promo videos that show the new car in action, inside and out.

The first is a computer-generated scene set to a heavy electronic track, but it shows some excellent interior and exterior close-ups of the forthcoming car. The second is a live-action scene depicting a rather mild chase that involves a fairly high-speed 180-degree turn and then after another short run, pauses temporarily in an airport hangar.

It is this scene where we learn something about the car. When the Scirocco driver flees the hangar, spinning the front tires as he goes, the single black line on the concrete floor seems to indicate a lack of any sort of effective limited-slip differential. Perhaps that option is being reserved for a sportier variant or simply wasn't ready when the commercial was shot, but you'd think a simple (even viscous) LSD would be de riguer for any car that features such high-tech equipment as a paddle-shifted dual-clutch gearbox.

VW Scirocco