If you were still holding out for one of Lamborghini's ultra-exclusive Reventons, you may be in luck as the last model available for sale has turned up at the exotic car brand’s dealership in Las Vegas. While the Reventon’s official price stands at around $1.4 million, this final one is expected to drive the prices even higher as the rich and wealthy race to secure the last of the Lamborghini hypercars.

The Reventon was made in a limited run of just 20 production models, as well as two special examples for Lamborghini to keep as souvenirs. Currently, 19 of the cars have already been snapped up.

Prices are expected to reach around $1.8 million to $2 million, with the higher prices being payed for the much sought after final Reventon that carries the 1/20 label. Based on the Murcielago LP640, the Reventon goes even further than the already extreme edition of the stock Murcielago by dramatically changing its look and increasing engine output.

The stunning Reventon only offers a token increase in horsepower, raising the figure from 640hp to 650hp – enough to hit 60mph from rest in 3.4 seconds - but its real draw card is its sharp exterior based on modern jet-fighter design.

Lamborghini Reventon vs Panavia Tornado jet

2008 Lamborghini Reventon