Driving in a fuel-efficient manner is often a matter of common sense, but it's still not a common practice. To increase awareness of things motorists can do to improve their car's fuel efficiency a coalition of auto manufacturers and private businesses are launching a campaign centered around a website that challenges people to drive smarter. The campaign will be officially launched tomorrow, May 20 in Washington, DC.

The website, called Drive Smarter Challenge, features an interactive interface that allows the user to select the manufacturer, model, year and engine of their car and then estimates the amount of money, fuel and CO2 emissions that could be saved by following the program's six-step method to smarter driving. The six steps cover topics such as accelerating more judiciously, braking less abruptly, properly maintaining the car and reducing total driven distance by walking, cycling or using public transport.

Once the web site's course is complete, users can 'challenge' friends to visit the website, and in return, receive a coupon for automotive maintenance products that can help in the fuel efficiency of the car, such as oxygen sensors.

The Wal-Mart Foundation and the Alliance to Save Energy are the leaders of the coalition, though Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota and six other, as yet unnamed manufacturers are also aligned with the group, reports Automotive News. Many businesses, political action groups and politicians are also supporting the program.