Update: A leak early this morning let the proverbial cat out of the bag, but the official release brings with it high-resolution photos and precise details on the upcoming coupe's technical details. The car will be shown in more detail this October in Paris, but the initial information gives us a clear view of what Renault's new car is all about.

A brand new V6 dCi clean diesel engine rated at 235hp (173kW) and a 3.5L petrol unit good for 240hp (175kW) are the two new V6 offerings for the Laguna Coupe. Renault is proud of this model's sporting looks, and emphasizes its driving dynamics in the presentation. With optional 17- or 18-inch alloy wheels, short overhangs and broad track, the car should deliver on that promise.

Four-wheel steering, a successful option of the Laguna GT sedan, also makes an appearance in the Coupe, and Renault claims it improves safety by improving the stability of the car in high-speed corners while also making the car more agile and maneuverable at low speeds.

An AJ0 automatic six-speed transmission mated to either powerplant delivers power to the road, and close ratios give good acceleration - 0-100km/h comes in under 7 seconds. The rest of the details on the coupe are expected at Paris in October, with the first availability for press reviews shortly afterward, so expect the fourth quarter to be heavily laden with even more Laguna Coupe news.

Original: At the start of last year Renault announced an ambitious target of launching 26 new models by the end of 2009, but apart from the introduction of the new Laguna and Koloes there hasn’t been much of a buzz from Renault at recent major car shows. Things won’t be quiet for long as Renault is set to reveal a brand new GT coupe based on its Laguna this weekend.

The carmaker has launched a new teaser site for the upcoming car and from these initial images the new coupe is shaping up to be one svelte two-door. The car has already been previewed in concept form and the new production version is expected to be almost identical. The concept car featured frameless windows, a six-speed automatic transmission and black powder-coated alloys. Other goodies included LED detailing and a rear diffuser.

Renault is yet to reveal any details on the mechanicals but expect any production version to get a similar engine line-up to the new sedan and estate models. This means a series of diesel and petrol four-cylinder engines ranging from 1.6L to 2.0L with output ranging from 112hp to 204hp. A 3.0L V6 petrol model will likely be introduced as a range-topper.

You can vist the official teaser site by clicking here.

Renault Laguna Coupe official images

Renault Laguna official teasers

2009 Renault Laguna Coupe rendering