Ferrari’s FXX ‘experimental’ supercar is nothing new but when a camouflaged version was spotted on public roads near the Maranello factory it suggests that the successor to the Enzo could finally be conducting real-world testing. Although the FXX resembles the original Enzo supercar, the vehicle is actually a test-bed for new technologies that will eventually filter across to Ferrari’s future road cars.

It was sold in extremely exclusive numbers to several important Ferrari customers, including Michael Schumacher, who are also given dedicated track time at Fiorano to help fine tune the cars and gather crucial feedback.

The latest iteration of the FXX, the Evolution Package, was released in October last year and featured an 860hp 6.2L V12 with a rev limit in excess of 10,000rpm.

The camouflage on this new prototype is covering the front aero section, hood and side sills, and is most likely concealing new aerodynamic enhancements. However, this is the first time that camouflage has been used on the FXX, which has led to suggestions that this is in fact the Enzo successor.

Ferrari FXX Evolution Package

Via: OmniAuto