The rejuvenation of Fiat's several brands has been underway for some time now, with models like the Alfa Romeo Competizione, which was the design inspiration for the new Mi.To hatch, and the Lancia Delta bringing style and freshness back to the forefront. Fiat's own-branded 500 minicar has likewise had no shortage of success in either sales or design, and now reports of three new sports cars are emerging - with plans to have them on the street by 2010.

An Abarth-branded 'Elise'-type car, possibly sharing Lotus underpinnings, powered by a mid-mounted engine driving the rear wheels, reports 4Car. Powered by a small turbocharged four-cylinder - possibly even the 1.4L unit from the Abarth-branded Grand Punto - the ultraleggera-style sports car could be the perfect match of British sports car and Italian design.

Lancia's sports car is expected to be based on the Fulvia concept (pictured) shown in 2003, the new sports car would be a smaller premium-level accompaniment to the already-planned Aurelia cabrio grand tourer. Alfa Romeo's sports car will share the same platform as the Lancia model.