As Formula 1 teams push the boundaries of what is physically possible ever further and rules limit what can be done in real-world practice, the benefits of high-tech simulators are growing ever more important. Ferrari's next-generation driving simulator will be engineered and built by Moog, Inc., a systems maker for the medical and aerospace industries, among others.

A fully-articulated platform with full motion control and custom software, the driving simulator is intended to replicate the experience of driving an actual Formula 1 car. The Moog-designed simulator will be built to Ferrari specification, and will give the team's engineers the ability to put design ideas together with driver input and feedback to test their ideas and innovations in virtual reality before committing to the expense of actually building them.

Giving drivers a truly immersive environment with realistic physical feedback can also help immensely in driver development - without risking a multi-million dollar car on the track. "This dynamic driving simulator will support the new breed of tests we are planning to launch to support our future success," said Marco Fainello, head of Car Performance and R&D Department for Scuderia Ferrari.

The new system will be housed at the team's headquarters in Maranello.