Colorado-based company PRV Performance is claiming to have invented a device that can improve fuel economy figures by around 25%. The device, called a pintle-regulated venturi, or PRV, replaces the traditional intake manifold with a venturi for each cylinder. This allows greater control for the air-fuel mixture to be regulated resulting in greater efficiency and elimination of losses that are incurred by conventional induction systems.

While not yet independently verified, PRV Performance have released their own test results, which look promising for the new system. A 203 mile highway run was completed with just 3.9 gallons of 10% ethanol fuel. The run was completed at an average speed of 65 mph using a Honda Civic with a JDM D51B single overhead cam engine - a car that traditionally returns around 41.7 mpg but with the new induction system installed managed an even more frugal 52 mpg. Fuel economy isn't the only aspect to benefit, with torque lifted by around 15% as well.

The loop driven to get the fuel economy readings was a 65mph stretch of uninterrupted highway with just short stints on surface streets. A test of an earlier prototype revealed EPA highway figures of 48.1mpg and 106g/km of CO2, reports Green Car Congress.

PRV Performance is currently working on its 9th prototype and will release EPA certified fuel economy, emissions and dynamometer figures on its website later this summer.