The Nice (No Internal Combustion Engine) electric car company has taken the wraps of the third electric car it plans to debut at this week’s London Motor Show. Already we’ve seen the scissor-door sports car concept and the Ze-O MPV, and now we have an all-electric minicar designed for the budget buyer.

It's called the Nice MyCar and the makers claim it can comfortably seat two adults. The car was penned by Giugiaro of Italdesign, is manufactured in Hong Kong, and is set to go on sale in the UK later this year with a starting price of £8,995 (approximately $17,945). To keep costs and weight down, the MyCar is constructed from fiberglass reinforced plastic on a steel tubular spaceframe with tubular roll-bar. It also has disc brakes and independent front and rear suspension.

The driving range is roughly 40 miles in normal city driving and top speed is rated at 40mph with re-charge time between six and eight hours. Emissions free, the MyCar will be exempt from a number of taxes and congestion charges across Europe and running the car will cost only a few cents per mile in electricity.

Standard equipment includes electric windows and mirrors, MP3-CD stereo and 14in alloy wheels. Optional extras include a glass roof or removable fiberglass version, plus bigger 15in alloys and heated/cooled leather seats.


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