On revenues of $13.3 billion, Porsche is expected to report a profit of $17.05 billion for the 2007 fiscal year. How a company manages to make more money than it takes in is a technicality of accounting, but the result is no less staggering. The upside-down figures are due to a revaluation of the company's stake in Volkswagen.

Proper profit from the sale of its automobiles is expected to amount to about $1.86 billion once the report is revealed some time after July 31, the end of the company's fiscal year, reports Forbes. That's still a very solid outcome in a market that has proven difficult for more volume-oriented carmakers. Fellow performance car manufacturer Lamborghini recently announced record profits as well, however, indicating that the buying habits of the wealthy have been largely unaffected by the oil price surge.

Porsche's holding of VW stock is the driving force behind the massive profit figure, however, and Porsche has recently announced plans to acquire even more. The wisdom of the business decision from Porsche's standpoint is difficult to deny, though many enthusiasts are worried about the impact the purchase may have on VW Group subsidiary lineups, like those of Audi or even Lamborghini itself.