With its industry-leading hybrid program pushing it forward, Toyota has claimed the top spot in the annual CAFE fuel efficiency ratings in the U.S. The result confirms the company's fuel-efficient image as legitimate, though both Honda and Hyundai trailed within just a few tenths of a mile per gallon in the final tally.

Toyota's fleet average, which covers everything from its Tundras to its Solaras, came out to 29.69mpg. Honda came in second with 29.47mpg while Hyundai finished third at 29.39mpg. The close battle at the top shows how much Toyota's full-line offerings influence the final total, with the large trucks and SUVs balancing out the hybrids it offers. Honda, which only offers a handful of full-size SUVs and minivans and a single pickup truck, came very close, while Hyundai, which offers no pickup trucks at all, focusing primarily on passenger cars, managed to get within 0.3mpg without a single hybrid in its lineup.

As expected, U.S. domestic manufacturers trailed significantly, with GM scoring the best of the three at 25.16mpg, Ford in second with 25.15mpg and Chrysler bringing up the tail at 23.97mpg.

Figures for 2008 are expected to climb significantly for all manufacturers that previously earned large proportions of revenue from full-size SUVs and pickups, however, since sales have fallen into the precipice created by rapidly rising fuel prices and shifting consumer demand.