A class action lawsuit filed in Federal court in Manhattan accuses Ford and Roush of building twice as many limited-edition Stage 3 BlackJack Mustangs as it said it would. That has resulted in devaluation of the car, which demanded a $59,000 premium over a standard Mustang, according to the suit.

The car was only supposed to be built in a limited run of 100 during 2007, the suit alleges, while Ford and Roush went ahead and built at least another 100 cars in 2008 (2008 model pictured). Drew Conner, the man that filed the suit, and about 100 other people are potential claimants under the suit as part of the class of injured parties, reports Reuters.

Conner's suit is seeking $12 million in damages and if it is certified and survives pre-trial motions, it will be argued before a jury. Ford hasn't yet commented on the matter.