Despite continual denials from General Motors that any official talks over the sale of Hummer have even taken place, a new report claims that investors in the Middle East are now interested in acquiring the ailing brand. Hummer’s Middle East chief has revealed that at least two separate investors from the Gulf Arab region have expressed their desire in the brand.

Hummer was previously reported to be in talks with several Indian, Chinese and Russian investors, but in an interview with Reuters GM’s Middle East managing director Terry Johnsson said "for sure, there has been interest from various parties within the Gulf. There is a precedent in the cases of Aston Martin, Ferrari or Daimler and those kinds of solutions could be very realistic solutions."

Johnsson also revealed that an actual sale of Hummer was not the only solution, and that the brand could be kept. During GM’s original restructuring announcement, CEO Rick Wagoner said that Hummer was only under review and never confirmed that it would be sold. One of the major problems with offloading Hummer is the backlash GM would encounter from the hundreds of private dealers that have invested in the brand, which could end up costing GM hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits.