The last time we heard from the Austrian tuners at O.CT they were working their magic on a Fiat 500, boosting power by 20% and giving it a new appearance. Now they've turned their efforts onto a last-generation Audi S3, but with more extreme modifications in mind - including a switch from AWD to RWD and tuning for 550hp (410kW).

As enormous a task as that sounds, they've actually gone even further, swapping the whole drivetrain aside from the engine to the rear of the vehicle, balancing weight distribution to 50/50 for improved handling. The engine is itself something special as well - a 2.7L twin-turbo V6 from an Audi RS4, boosted to its final output of 550hp (410kW). The combination of huge horsepower, balanced weight and rear-wheel drive make for a very driftable hatchback, according to O.CT.

The appearance is modified, though in a reserved manner. Larger front and rear bumpers give the car a more powerful look without going over the top. Inside the car a number of race-oriented features are fitted, including Porsche racing bucket seats, repositioned pedals, a removable steering wheel with integrated instrument panel, and a fuel cell tank in the rear hatch area. Carbon fiber trim and full race harnesses complement the stripped-down interior with even more racing style.

The O.CT S3 is understandably a unique, one-off production, but the company says it is willing to consider offers from truly interested buyers.