Since the new E90 series BMW M3 was revealed at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year, true BMW enthusiasts have been intrigued, but waiting for the CSL to come along. Standing for Coupe, Sport, Lightweight, those three letters name the most track-focused and pure driver’s cars BMW has to offer. However, according to BMW’s new M Division boss, Ludwig Willisch, plans for a new M3 CSL have been dropped.

The car was originally meant to be launched in the middle of next year but instead the M division engineers will now focus on developing new performance variants of the X5 and X6 – both of which have been spotted testing on both sides of the Atlantic. If the CSL had been built, it would have featured a power output of somewhere between 450 and 470hp (335-350kW) along with a chassis 100kg lighter than the standard M3, plus competition tires and plenty of carbon-fiber accessories.

Speaking with CAR, Willisch said that “based on current numbers, there is most likely insufficient demand for the M3 CSL.’ As for the rest of the M range, Willisch previously revealed that there will be no M3 Touring model, no 1-series based M car and definitely no M1 supercar.