Anyone who loves their car will be familiar with the name Meguiar’s and its range of detailing and car care products. The 100-year-old company is now on the verge of a takeover by industry giant 3M, the makers of Scotch-Tape and Post-It Notes, which announced today plans to acquire it.

In its beginnings Meguiar’s was famous for its car exterior polishes and waxes, and was often the choice for professional workshops. Today it manufactures waxes, polishes, cleaners, conditioners and protectants for almost all automotive applications. It’s also heavily involved in the auto industry, sponsoring more than 11,000 motor shows around the globe and even some television and radio shows.

Despite its success, Meguiar’s is still a family run business and is relatively small compared to some of its competitors, employing just over 115 staff. 3M, on the other hand, employs 79,000 people worldwide, has operations in more than 60 countries, and makes over $24 billion in sales annually.

Terms of the sale are expected to be revealed closer to the deal’s completion in the fourth quarter of the year.

3M is famous for providing its staff with time-off during the week for them to think up new and innovative ideas that could be brought to production, so hopefully we can look forward to a new-generation of car care products that are easier to apply and can protect cars for longer.