• Wey-X concept

    Wey is the new luxury brand from China's biggest SUV maker Great Wall Motors. Launched in China in 2016, the brand currently sells a trio of SUVs but is keen on expanding this in the future, including in the new fields of electrification and self-driving capability. Wey will use this week's 2018 Beijing auto show to present its vision for self-driving cars. The vision will come in the form of the Wey-X, an SUV concept with an electric powertrain and Level 5 self-driving capability. Level 5 means a car can safely operate on its own and thus doesn't require a driver onboard. For self-driving...

  • Wey XEV concept, 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show
    Great Wall launches luxury SUV brand Wey

    Great Wall is China’s largest producer of SUVs and pickup trucks but the company has ambitions to be much more than that. Great Wall has openly admitted its desire to acquire Jeep in its attempts to become the world’s biggest producer of SUVs but at the same time the company wants to...

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