• 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia

    It’s not uncommon for buyers of exotic supercars to have to wait up to two years for their new baby to arrive due to the limited production capacity and overwhelming demand the builders of such fine machines are faced with. One of the worst offenders is Ferrari whose latest must-have, the FF supercar, already has an 18 month waiting list despite being unveiled just one month ago. Understandably, this is too long to wait for pretty much anyone. But how do you tell that to someone who’s paying hundreds of thousands of dollars? Well, it turns out, some Ferrari clientele are so...

  • 2012 Ferrari FF
    Ferrari FF Already With 18-Months Waiting List

    The new 2012 Ferrari FF may not be to everyone’s liking but like most of its models, Ferrari has another sales winner on its hands. That is because the controversially styled supercar is already sold out and if you want one now you’re going to have to wait at least 18 months--that is...

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