Volvo V60

  • 2012 Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid

    Just a week ago we brought you news that Volvo was considering reversing its decision to exclude the stylish V60 wagon from its U.S. lineup in order to provide local dealers with some fresh product. Today, Volvo confirmed it will be bringing a V60 to next week’s 2013 New York Auto Show, but not because it’s about to announce local sales but because the car is a finalist in the show’s World Green Car of the Year awards. Volvo’s diesel-electric V60 Plug-In Hybrid, which can return combined fuel economy as high as 124 mpg, has made it into the final round of voting, along...

  • Volvo's updated Active High Beam Control
    Volvo Reinvents High Beams To Make Night Driving Safer

    If you live in the city, chances are good you don’t use your high beams much for night driving, since you’re rarely in an environment where they can be employed without distracting other drivers. If you live in the country, on the other hand, high beams provide a welcome margin of...

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